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Hwy 92 Relocation Project Update: January 2017

Here’s an update on the largest capital project in the city of Douglasville. As of January 2017 the southern portion of the roadway from Highway 78 to Hospital Drive is complete. The intersection of the new highway and Fairburn Road is still under construction with new electrical lines and poles being installed. On the north side the new roadway is being constructed from Strickland Street to the end of the project at Dallas Highway and Malone Road. The construction includes the widening of the current Dallas Highway from Malone Road to the eastward curve that the project takes near Brown Street. The Highway 78 bridge over the project has been delayed due to a conflict of terms between the city of Douglasville and Norfolk Southern, the owner of the tracks, which changed the terms after construction had begun. As soon as the terms of construction are finalized, that portion of the project will continue. The project is on course to be completed in 2019. We’ll check back periodically to keep you posted on the project.


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