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New Physical Therapy Clinic Opens in Sharpsburg

NeuroMotion Physical Therapy has opened in Sharpsburg, Georgia, as one of the first neurologically-based physical therapy clinics in the west Georgia area. They treat all diagnoses related to physical and occupational therapy including general orthopedic conditions, sports-related injuries, total joint replacements, hand and upper extremity injuries, as well as geriatric issues. However, owner Paulette Lewis says her clinic offers a different method of treatment for local patients.  

Lewis explains what sets her clinic apart from others in the area.

“We specialize in treating people who are suffering from deficits caused by disease or injury of the nervous system,” says Lewis.

She opened NeuroMotion in November after having worked as a physical therapist for more than eleven years. Lewis is currently studying to obtain a Doctorate in Physical Therapy with a specialization in neurological physical therapy.  

“I’ve worked in both outpatient clinics and skilled nursing facilities, and also as a home health physical therapist,” says Lewis. “Local physicians and patients had encouraged me to expand my business into a clinic setting to provide a more complete rehabilitation product for our patients. We are excited to have our new location in the Sharpsburg and Newnan communities, and we are within close proximity to help people in Peachtree City as well.”

In their work with Parkinson’s patients NeuroMotion offers a relatively new approach to the treatment of what can be a debilitating disease. The clinic is the only Lee Silverman Voice Technique (LSVT) BIG certified clinic in the area. LSVT works on improving the brain’s neuroplasticity through the formation of new neural connections.

“We have seen great results using the LSVT technique,” says Lewis. 

While Neuromotion therapists specialize in neurological-based treatment, they are also trained to treat orthopedic issues such as knee, shoulder, back, and hand issues, as well as geriatric issues, including stroke, fall-risk, and balance.

“We have considerable experience with orthopedic issues and offer a joint rehabilitation program as well as occupational therapy,” says Lewis. “We evaluate and treat patients with licensed therapists, and take the time to make sure our patients are getting the proper amount of care in order to recover and return to an active lifestyle. We help our patients strengthen their joints and muscles, as well as regain their range of motion.”

Lewis is also certified in dry needling to treat muscular injuries.

“Dry needling is similar to acupuncture, but does not incorporate the use of medicinal needles or ashi points like acupuncture does; instead, it focuses on the treatment of trigger points and pain created by these trigger points,” says Lewis. 

“Most clinics will treat the same diagnoses, but they offer no specialization in neuro-specific areas,” says Lewis. “We invite people to come check us out and see if we might be able to better treat their physical therapy and occupational therapy needs.”

NeuroMotion is located in Sharpsburg off Andrew Bailey Road in the same building as Dickeys BBQ and behind KFC and Taco Bell.

To learn more about NeuroMotion Physical Therapy, visit their website www.neuromotionpt.com or their Facebook page or call 470-414-7630.