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Masterworks Community Chorale to Host Spring Concert

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

Singers from Masterworks Community Chorale are preparing to host their spring concert series. The performances will take place on March 26 and April 22, and will feature a Musical Tribute to the Vision of Donald W. Nixon.

“Donald Nixon came to Newnan about 13 years ago, and was—at that time—the director of the performing arts center,” said Choral Conductor Kathy Bizarth. “He did so much for the arts community in Newnan. Donald is beloved by the community for all he did.”

The concert will also feature performers from the music departments of East Coweta, Newnan, and Northgate high schools. Performances during the show will include The Song of Wisdom, from Old Turtle conducted by renown composer, Joseph Martin.

Masterworks Chorale was established in 2003 as the premier choral ensemble of the Centre for Performing and Visual Arts with a three-fold mission: to preserve the art of choral singing within the community; to provide performance opportunities for skilled singers; and to bring together those who share the love of singing and a profound commitment to preparing great works of art for performance.

With excellence as our foremost goal, the Centre director turned to a distinguished conductor from Newnan to drive the vision. Bizarth is noted throughout the South for her exceptional leadership in choral music. Her vision shapes the design and charts the blueprint of Masterworks’ dream.

There is great diversity among members of the ensemble in vocation, as well as inclusivity from across the country.

“We offer auditions to people 18 and above,” says Bizarth. “If you check our website, you’ll see when we have auditions. We usually have them in July, or August. We would love to have anyone who is interested come in and join us.”

Masterworks is an all-volunteer chorale selected by audition. The group offers performances covering the entire range of prominent choral literature.

“Within our short history, Masterworks has participated in significant events both locally and beyond,” says Bizarth.

She invites everyone to come enjoy the performances taking place on March 26, at 2:00 pm at the Nixon Centre on Lowerfayetteville Road, and also on April 22, at 7:00 pm, at the Wadsworth Municipal Auditorium in downtown Newnan.

“Join us as we strive to embrace the incessant vision of excellence that shaped this great community,” says Bizarth. “The upcoming concert is our tribute to Donald Nixon, and we are very excited to offer this to the community. We are happy to be honoring him, and his musical vision. We would love for the community to come out and support his vision, and help us honor him.”

To learn more, visit www.masterworkscommunitychorale.com, or call 770-846-8278.