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Carrollton Resident Launches Air Air / Artists Making Art on Airplanes

A longtime Carrollton resident will launch a unique artist’s residency experience this month! Brandy Barker, a University of West Georgia graduate, is looking forward to sharing with the community about her idea! Her art-driven creative side helped develop an opportunity for several wonderful artists to board an airplane with canvas, paint, collage materials, scrolls of paper, paint, pens, etc to develop and create their artwork on the plane. As you could imagine there are numerous challenges creating artwork on a plane. Turbulence could certainly turn the artwork into an unexpected masterpiece of different shapes, colors, and beauty! Also another challenge is ample room for the artist and their canvas. Airlines all across the country have different tray table sizing that could cause an artist challenge. We are excited to see how each artist faces these challenges to create art that speaks volumes to their talents!

The artist’s residency experience is called Air Air / Artists Making Art on Airplanes. Checkout the full press release below for exact details of this wonderful new adventure!

Air Air is proud to launch a unique artist’s residency experience that takes place entirely while in-flight on commercial airlines. The round-trip flights will take three artists to their destination locations and back, all within 24 hours. Once the artists are back on the ground, the residency culminates in a one-night, pop-up exhibition. Air Air aims to encourage visual artists, composers, writers, and other cultural workers to create under the constraints of limited space, limited materials, and sensory deprivation while in-flight.

During countless hours on cross-country flights for work, creative entrepreneur Brandy Barker developed the idea for this distinct opportunity; as she filled her own sketchbooks with words and drawings, she imagined that other artists could be invited to do the same. “It’s about creativity within constraint, and it’s about seeing what artists are capable of producing under less-than-ideal circumstances. I’m interested in how it affects their perspective, their process, and their product.” She sees Air Air as an exemplification of a long history of mobile art–people taking notes, drawing, and corresponding, on trains, boats, planes, and in automobiles. “Now is the perfect time for a residency like Air Air–modern life is about speed, movement, miniaturization, and maximization of your time. This allows artists and onlookers to experience all those things viscerally,” Barker quips.

The flights for the three chosen Air Air artists, Michelle Miller, Stacie Rose, and Lily Kuonen will take place March 16th, 2017. Each artist is charged with making brand-new work during her time in the air, and preparing that work for exhibition within the next 24 hours. The event will take place from 6:00-8:00 p.m. on March 17, 2017, at the Old Fourth Ward destination bar MOTHER. Partnering with a local venue that’s unpretentious and supportive was important to Barker. “When I found MOTHER, I knew I’d found the perfect spot for the first Air Air exhibition,” she affirmed. In addition to connecting in real life, Air Air, along with the artists, will record and share the process via social media in the run-up to the exhibition.

Atlanta has long been revered and reviled as a Delta hub for domestic and international flights, and the arrival of Air Air seeks to capitalize on that complex reputation by showing that planes aren’t just for travel–they are key elements of our accelerated pace, indispensable parts of modern life and the modern economy, and in this case, occasions for creation and cultural engagement.

For more information, visit www.airresidency.com or connect with the social media links below: Twitter: @airresidency
Instagram: @airresidency
Facebook: www.facebook.com/airresidency