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Advanced Surfaces Corporation: Flooring Systems That Exceed Expectations

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

Advanced Surfaces Corporation is a locally owned and operated company based in Villa Rica, GA. They are currently looking to expand their labor/technician team.

Paul Patuka founded the company in 1997 and has grown it into a provider of quality, industrial flooring, focusing on solutions for the flooring needs primarily in the food and beverage industry across the Eastern seaboard and the Midwest. Advanced Surfaces actually manufactures in place industrial floors that are capable of holding up to the harsh environments of food and beverage manufacturing facilities. The floor systems are typically seamless, slip resistant, impervious to harboring bacteria, and capable of handling industrial type wash-downs as well as heavy fork lift traffic. These needs are required in the industry, and Advanced Surfaces has selected this niche in which to operate.

Advanced Surfaces Corporation is capable of meeting the customer’s needs to complete floor projects within the tight schedule of the facilities’ planned shutdown time. Getting the project completed within the allotted time frame in a professional manner is achieved by using fast-curing products to provide a fast turnaround to production. Their team of expert flooring specialists have the years of experience and up-to-date training to provide a superior floor system that will last for years. Exceeding the customers’ expectations is always Advanced Surfaces’ goal.

With Advanced Surfaces’ experienced sales, management, and installation team, the project gets done properly, and the company stands behind it with up to a six-year warranty.

Currently, Advanced Surfaces Corporation is looking for experienced flooring installers. Applicants experienced in construction as well as commercial painting will excel in this position as the job calls for fast, quality work with an attention to detail. For more information on available positions, fax resumes and work history to (770) 947-9737 or email to [email protected].