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You Are Going to LOVE Tin Drum Asian Kitchen

You are going to LOVE this new restaurant at Ashley Park in Newnan!

I can say that I tried EVERYTHING on the menu, and not a single dish disappointed. The options are endless, but all items come with white rice and chicken. For a slight up-charge you can add shrimp, steak, or all three. For a healthier option all white rice can be substituted with spinach, brown rice, or tofu for no additional charge. I am going to recommend two dishes that for me stood out. The first meal was the Teriyaki Bowl—and I do mean meal because if you can finish the entire bowl, you have accomplished something.

The size of the bowls is massive. Filled with vegetables that are freshly cut every day, the Teriyaki Bowl will not disappoint. Its sweet-sticky taste is found in every bite, and you will find yourself going back and back with each bite. Just when you think you are full, you have the sticky steamed rice covered with that all the sweet-soy glaze; so, yes, you are once again going back for more. I know that some people shy away from “curry” but you if you eat the Panang dish and don’t like it, then your taste buds must be shot. The Panang Bowl can be compared to a thick hearty stew with fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, and a sauce that is just the right balance of salt to spice. Not too spicy and not too sweet, a perfect combination with rice and vegetables. If you order an appetizer, go with the spring rolls–all I can say is cream cheese goodness.

How the Tin Drum Asian Kitchen got its start offers a unique story to readers. Legend has it that a man beating on a tin drum would travel throughout Asia from village to village. When the man with the drum came into town, it was a sign for the locals to gather for dinner and fellowship. Villages all throughout Asia waited patiently for the man because of the laughter and excitement he brought to the village.

Tin Drum Asian Kitchen has the same atmosphere as those legendary gatherings. The entire staff is friendly, music is playing in the background, and the restaurant provides a family atmosphere that makes you excited to come back. Tin Drum Asian Kitchen is in Ashley Park in the new section of Newnan, Georgia. If you know where the movie theater is located, Tin Drum is located right beside the Movie Theater. They are also close to another restaurant that was featured last year. You walk in and you are immediately hit with the smell of the open Wok Kitchen. The aroma fills the air and prepares one’s palate for the menu.

P.S. Keep watching for Tin Drum Asian Kitchen’s new Kids Eat Free promotion this Summer! Also, you can call ahead for Take Out!!

4.8 of 5.0 and $

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