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Local Caterer, Simply Catering Helps Grant A Wonderful Wish

Wish Upon A Wedding – Aline Marin

The following article was approved for re-posting on The Carrollton Menu from Wish Upon A Wedding, National PR Director, Amy La Sala.  You can visit the full article at this direct link http://wishuponawedding.org/blog/nicole-and-jose-a-georgia-love-story/  – Simply Catering of Carrollton, GA was one of the wish granters who made this special day possible! 

Nicole first met Jose on a layover in San Juan. She was working as a flight attendant for an airline based out of Atlanta at the time. Jose was in a cover band and performing near where she was staying. They were both seeing other people at the time so this initial meeting was purely a friendship. The conversation was easy that night and before Nicole headed back to Georgia they connected on Facebook.

A few years later, Jose found himself in Georgia and reached out to Nicole over Facebook to reconnect over coffee. This time, Nicole and Jose were both single when they met at the coffee shop.  They picked up the conversation as if no time had passed and both said the rest is history. In fact, Nicole said on their third date “I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him”.

Two years after reconnecting, they went to the courthouse to get married.  They had both always wanted a traditional wedding and were planning to renew their vows in 2016 after the birth of their son.  However, during her pregnancy, Nicole noticed a lump on her breast.  After giving birth to their son, Nicole had a biopsy taken of the lump.  In January of 2016, Nicole was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer.

Since this time, she has undergone chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, and multiple other surgeries related to the cancer. She said no matter what, Jose continues to tell her how beautiful she is and has been so loving and supportive.

On their vow renewal date next week, Nicole said she wants to feel happy, be with her husband and her kids, and to not feel sick. 2016 was a year of fighting for Nicole and her family and we want 2017 to be a year of celebration.