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West Pines Golf Club to Undergo Renovations

Big projects are in the works over the next few months at West Pines Golf Club located at 9090 Rose Avenue— including new grass, a pro shop remodel, and several other minor projects.

“We anticipate all of these projects moving forward, but everything has to receive final approval and project bids will have to come in on or under budget,” said Chris Cartwright, PGA Professional

One of the biggest improvement projects to take place is a conversion to ‘TifEagle’ Bermuda grass. The Bent grass currently on all 18 holes struggle in warmer climates, losing grass on the surface and roots beneath. As a result, maintenance is taxing on club staff and it presents a less than ideal playing surface for golfers throughout the year.

“We originally planned for the spring of this year, but we decided that rather than inconvenience our customers twice, it made much more sense to do them at the same time,” explained Cartwright.

Bermuda grass shares similar characteristics to Bent grass, such as a small diameter blade that grows close to the surface. By upgrading to ‘TifEagle’ Bermuda grass, they will remain green and firm all year round—providing excellent playing conditions for golfers and easier maintenance for club staff.

“This project is a true win-win. The ease of maintenance allows me to allocate my resources to other areas of the course during those summer months,” said Cartwright. 

The remodeling of the interior clubhouse is another major renovation project. In addition to new carpet and a fresh coat of paint, the clubhouse will rework its layout. The new layout will feature a new position for the sales counter to give employees a better view of both entrances. The new layout will also allow for more items to be sold in the same location.

Other projects taking place this summer include new signage around the course, new yardage markers on all holes, and other beautification projects.

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