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Mornings In Carrollton Will Soon Be Even Better!

Press Release from our Partner of The City Menus, 4AM Coffee Roasters

4am Coffee Roasters is happy to announce that we are expanding to a new location on the corner of Highway 27 and Highway 16. As many of you in West Georgia may have noticed Vogelsberg’s is no longer open, Dave has decided to retire and agreed to pass on some of expertise to us at 4am.

In addition to West Georgia’s favorite donuts and our fan rated 5 star coffee, the new shop will feature cakes by Kristi. Kristi will be making decadent cake favorites but also cakes featuring locally grown fruits, ice cream cakes, cakes for various diets (gluten free, vegan, and low sugar), and custom decorated cakes. If you have visited us at our Slow Pour Café/Farmers Fresh on the square then you know that we like to support local producers as much as possible.

At the Donut Shop we intend to expand this mission by offering biscuits made with local butter, eggs, and buttermilk. We’ll have our signature sweet potato biscuits made with locally grown sweet potatoes (if the farmers can keep up☺). Sausage, beef, and bacon will come from farms that many of you already know such as Frolona Farms, Dennis Farms, and the Pine Street Market and jams from Olivia Marie.

We look forward to getting you going in the morning with the best breakfast around served quickly at our drive-thru to make sure you get to work on time and to keeping you happy all day with the good coffee and tasty treats you crave as well as a delicious lunch menu to keep us all working hard till the shift ends. Tentative opening date is July 10.

We are hiring talented and friendly people. Come talk to us at the Slow Pour Café/Farmers Fresh on the square in Carrollton if you’re interested. Check out their Indiegogo Campaign .