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Living the “Boss Life”: A Smoky Taste of Luxury in Carrollton

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Corinto Talanca was a 16-year-old living in California when he tried his first cigar. It was a cheap, generic, gas-station brand; and almost immediately after a few puffs he was determined that his “cigar smoking days” were over. Little did he know, however, that his love affair with cigars was actually just about to begin. During his college years, he visited a local cigar shop to give it just one more try, and that experience hooked him for life. Today, he is now the proud co-owner, along with his business partner Ann Strickland, of “Boss Cigars,” the premier location for purchasing high quality cigars in Carrollton, Georgia.

Smoking cigars is about more than just lighting rolled-up tobacco, it’s a lifestyle. For years the act has been seen as a symbol of status and was glamorized by Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack in the early 1960s, who were all notorious cigar aficionados. Corinto (Cory) embraces this lifestyle and offers it at his shop, providing two full-sized lounges outfitted with leather couches and large flat screen televisions for his loyal patrons. It isn’t uncommon for both lounges to be packed with friends from all over the city relaxing and enjoying premium cigars after work while watching the big games on TV. This is exactly the atmosphere Cory says he was going for when we asked him about his vision for the business, “I wanted a place for people to come relax and unwind after a long day of work. It’s not just about the cigars, it’s about people coming together and enjoying a little deserved luxury from time-to-time.”

Brian Luebben – The City Menus

Along with the lounges, Boss Cigars also, of course, offers a wide assortment of over 80 premium cigar brands. One of the stigmas of the cigar world is that they are unaffordable, but while Cory and his team DO carry the expensive brands, they also have a wide price range going all the way down to $4 a cigar, making sure it’s affordable for everyone. Boss Cigars is also proud to offer pricing discounts to members of the military, police force, and local firefighters. Discounts are also offered to employees of Southwire and to current students at the University of West Georgia.

The Boss Cigars team will help everyone from the seasoned smoker to the person buying his first cigar pick out a brand that will best suit their taste and budget, and satisfaction is ALWAYS guaranteed. In the words of Cory, “We invite everyone that doesn’t think they’d enjoy smoking cigars to come and try it out. Once you find the right blend for your taste, I promise you’ll be hooked right away just like all of us were.”

Boss Cigars is located at 901 South Park Street in Carrollton, Georgia, in the log cabin next to AutoZone. Their upstairs lounge is available for rental for private events, and they also offer discounts on bulk cigar orders for events and parties. You can find them on Facebook and also on Instagram @BossCigars2014. Be sure to come out for Poker or to watch the big game while lighting up a little bit of luxury in your free time. Mention this article to get 5% off on your choice of any of our cigars!