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    Creative Co-Working Office Space Opening At Hudson Mill

    Carrollton residents will soon have a new place to work and a new way to work! We are excited to announce The Hub @ Hudson Mill. Opening in September, The Hub will be Carrollton’s first co-working space. Described by co-founder Matt Greene as “office space redefined,” the Hub will offer collaborative work spaces, desk space, private offices, a conference room, mail services, a dedicated coffee shop with complimentary coffee, and a professional-grade shuffle board table. The professional-grade shuffle board table will be adjacent to the coffee shop, which is free for members. Matt tells The Carrollton Menu, “The main benefit of co-working office space is the opportunity to share the financial costs of physical amenities. That said, another powerful benefit of co-working space is the potential to uncover creative ideas and knowledge in a collaborative environment where occupants get to mingle with like-minded individuals and organizations.”

    The Hub @ Hudson Mill will be membership-based and offer flexible, month-to-month, affordable rates for the ten dedicated, on-site offices; workspaces for up to 50. Greene and co-founder Richard Diment are expected to also offer mixers, presentations, and small events at the new, co-working space. Matt Greene says, “The overall makeup of the workforce is changing. Statistics today suggest that 31% of the workforce are currently independent and work from home or freelance; this number is projected to be as high as 40% by 2021. I felt like Carrollton was ready for this type of work environment, and Hudson Mill (the home to Brown Dog Eatery and Moe’s Barbecue) can be an epicenter because it already contains or is surrounded by so many awesome amenities.”

    On a side note: The City Menus, LLC (The Carrollton Menu) is proud to announce we will be moving into The Hub @ Hudson Mill on Bradley Street in September! More details are forthcoming about office space / workspace availability and how you can sign up.

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    Jonathan is the founder/owner of The City Menus.