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Press Release: County Government Summer Internship Program In Full Swing

Five area students are currently working as summer interns at the Douglas County Courthouse through a program designed to help find talented individuals who have the potential to meet future employment needs of the County.  The interns are Brianna Butler, a senior at Georgia Southern University; Anaya Gibson, a sophomore at the University of Georgia; Isaac Miller, a junior at Douglas County High School; John Pilgrim, a sophomore at the University of West Georgia; and Tabrieah Cobb, a senior at Clayton State University.

During their two-month tenure that ends August 1st, the interns will have visited every County department to learn duties and responsibilities of each, as well as toured County facilities, such as the landfill and libraries.  The goal is to give them a comprehensive overview of County government in a short time period.  In addition, the interns have studied the County’s Code of Ordinances, Roberts Rules of Order, and attended meetings of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.

Each intern has worked with/been assigned to either a District Commissioner, the Commission Chairman, or the Personnel Department for specific mentoring.  Each intern has kept a journal of experiences and lessons learned, which are reviewed with the appropriate official.

Some of the departments worked with the interns on interactive projects, such as the Department of Communications and Community Relations/dctv23.  The interns were allowed to ‘take over’ hosting duties of the 8700 show for the month of July.  Each of the interns was given five minutes of the show for any purpose they wished, and the finished product is airing on dctv23 during July (4 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily).  Three of the interns conducted interviews, and the other two gave narratives on subjects of interest.

Information concerning the ongoing County’s internship program is available on the Personnel page of the County web site at www.CelebrateDouglasCounty.com.

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