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Five Historic Downtown Buildings Being Repurposed in Temple

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The small town of Temple is often referred to as “Carroll County’s Best Kept Secret.” Founded in 1883, Temple developed along the Georgia Pacific Railroad. In recent years the heartbeat of the town has migrated closer to Interstate 20, farther away from its origins along the railroad. However, long-term residents of Carroll County, Marty Martin and Tracy Martin, made a commitment to give the small downtown section of Temple a facelift. After nearly 30 years of vacancy a strip of five historic buildings along West Johnson Street have been brought back to life. The first project included the now-successful Ink Rush Tattoo shop, located at 9 West Johnson Street. Ink Rush thrives in a community that was once plagued with illegal tattoo activities. Interestingly, in the 1940s a movie theater occupied the space that is now the Ink Rush Tattoo shop. The new owners of these five historic landmarks, Mr. and Mrs. Martin, have promised to provide the downtown area with new amenities while preserving its admirable architecture. For example, the Ink Rush shop will soon offer a small movie theater to its customers. Other projects will include a courtyard. We are excited about the continued development of Temple’s downtown and look forward to the amenities to come.