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    City Station Begins to Take Shape

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    Carrollton’s newest community center is beginning to take shape as construction workers are now erecting much of the building’s structural beams and foundation. Kevin Jarrett, executive pastor of operation, said the construction on the project is running smoothly.

    The new development is a special project by Southern Hills Christian Church and will be located at Maple Crossing just off the GreenBelt. City Station will serve as a community center for residents in Carrollton, while also offering Covenant Housing for 60 full-time college students.

    “Every aspect of this project has been designed with a dual purpose in mind,” said Nicole Jones, Creative Arts Pastor. “This facility will be in use and available to the community every day of the week. While Southern Hills will make City Station its new home, City Station will not be built for our comfort, but rather to radically serve our community.”

    The building will feature a fitness center, individual study rooms, access to the Greenbelt and covered bike parking, free Wi-Fi, a Christian-centered preschool, Biblical counseling services, and a restaurant.

    Jarrett said workers are now constructing what will be the preschool area of City Station.

    “We’re now starting to put up the three stair towers this week, and we’ve also started putting up the steel structure as well,” said Jarrett. “We did have some delays with the grading due to heavy rains, but we were able to get that phase finished.”

    Southern Hill Church will be offering a tour this Sunday from 4-6:30p.m. for nearby residents to see the progress being made.

    Southern Hills recently named Eddie Duffey as City Station’s fitness center director. Duffey served for more than a decade as the University of West Georgia’s senior associate athletic director.

    Jones said the church intends for City Station to serve as a community center for Christians, as well as other members of the community. “This project is unique to our area as it will meet needs that no other facility or program is meeting and bring together people who would otherwise not share in community together,” said Jones.

    Construction on City Station is set to be completed in the spring of 2018. Jarrett said campus housing for UWG students will be open for the 2018-2019 school year.

    The City Menus LLC – Chas Presnell
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