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Target Launching A Brand New Clothing Accessories Line

Press Release from Target Store # 1073: On Friday the 25th, we will be launching our brand new Women’s and Men’s clothing and Accessories lines: A New Day and Goodfellow, respectively.

The new Women’s brand, A New Day, will be taking the place of Merona. A New Day is all about the freedom to express yourself with your own unique style. There are many versatile, layer-able staple pieces along with new, trending pieces at the same low Target price. And the feel of the fabric is amazing. Just touch the chino pants if you don’t believe me. Pure butter!

The upcoming Men’s brand, Goodfellow, will be taking over for Merona and Mossimo Supply Co.. An affordable collection, Goodfellow has really tapped into 5 different archetypes of men’s clothing: modern casual, classic craftsman (think flannel), classic preppy, modern sporty, and modern maven. So whatever your personal style may be (or whatever personal style your spouse buys for you) Goodfellow has got you covered.

We are really excited to make this brand launch weekend, starting Friday the 25th, incredible for our guests. Come with all your questions. Try on some pieces. And tell us what you think. We’d love to hear what you have to say.

Oh, and while you’re here, you can finally get those paper towels you needed too.