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    New Chick-fil-A Hopes to Break Records

    The wait is over for Chick-fil-A fans in Carrollton as the newest location opened its doors today for the first time. Customers began lining up outside of the building during the early morning hours to be the first ones through the door.

    The new restaurant is designed to match the growing demand for Chick-fil-A in the Carrollton area, and it will feature a drive-thru designed to serve more customers than ever.

    “We are looking to break records with the new restaurant’s drive-thru design,” said Samuel Mancas, marketing director. “Our record at the other Carrollton restaurant is 235 customers served in one hour. We aim to break that record very soon.”

    Mancas said the new drive-thru can hold 16-20 more cars than the other restaurant, and is designed to showcase the Carrollton Chick-fil-A trademark of fast and friendly service. Other Chick-fil-A locations average about 100 customers served per hour, but Mancas said the new team in Carrollton wants to go above and beyond those expectations.

    “We’ve hired close to 150 new employees to staff both locations,” said Mancas. “We have newer staff members working alongside our highly trained members to provide the same excellent service we’re known for.”

    The interior of the new restaurant will feature a Coca-Cola chandelier in honor of Chick-fil-A Founder Truett Cathy. “When Truett was a child, he would take Coke bottles and chill them before reselling those drinks for a profit,” said Mancas. “It really speaks to the spirit of what made Chick-fil-A so successful, and it honors Truett Cathy in a really neat way.”

    The new location also features handmade wooden tables for sit-down dining. The tables also carry a special message of hope from a local ministry.

    “The tables are made by men who are part of a ministry called A Better Way Ministries,” said Mancas. “Each table is handmade by a man who went through the ministry and overcame hardships and struggles within his own life. If you look underneath each table, you can read each one’s own personal story. They are truly incredible, and we are proud to have them in our new restaurant.”

    The new Chick-fil-A also has children’s books available for youngsters. Mancas said people can bring children’s books and leave them inside a bookcase in the restaurant.

    The restaurant will also feature handicapped and veteran parking located adjacent to the building for convenient access.

    “We really want to thank this community for all the love and support they’ve shown us,” said Mancas. “The passion in this community is unlike anywhere around. We hope to continue to enrich the lives of people in our community and those people we employ at Chick-fil-A.”

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