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    The Village @ Across: Work, Play, Thrive


    Carrollton’s premier office village and collaborative work environment has arrived. The Village @ Across is a unique co-working office environment that individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and start-ups can use to thrive.

    “We wanted to create a collaborative space for innovators,” says The Village Director Johnathan Samples. “This is a place for small businesses, start-ups, and lots of other types of companies to come together and grow, and enhance what they do.”

    Located at 306 B Rome Street, near Carrollton’s Adamson Square, The Village was built inside what used to be a 7,600 square feet of warehouse space.

    “There are lots of things you need to have to facilitate the operation of your business or your own personal work,” says Johnathan. “You can find office space anywhere, but what we have to offer is better than you’ll find anywhere around here. Whether you need heads-down work time, play time, or client presentation time, we are the place you need to be.”

    The Village is a 24/7 access hub designed to meet the needs of those looking for a quiet, focused work environment, as well as those seeking a high-energy work space.  Members have many different options available to meet their own specific needs, and are not required to sign long-term contracts.

    “Part of our facility contains separate offices where people can hold private meetings, and we also have an open space where people can come and focus in on what they are doing,” says Johnathan. “We also have environments that allow people to interact with one another, or just simply hangout and take a break from work.”

    The Village offers a spacious break room, complete with a ping-pong table, full kitchen, and lounge chairs.


    “Sometimes, you might want to stay late and work past midnight,” says Johnathan. “We offer the convenience of having snacks, and drinks for our members so they can stay focused on their work. Our kitchen is always fully stocked with plenty of snacks, and there’s also a never-ending supply of caffeine.”

    Johnathan says the sense of community among Across Village members is second to none.

    “In addition to a great workspace environment, we also have consulting team members, and software development assistance,” says Johnathan. “It’s great for people who are just getting off the ground and need some extra guidance in taking steps to help their business really flourish. We also have members who have been in business for years, and just love the office environment we have here.”

    Across has been named a “Best Places to Work in Georgia” for 2 years in a row and has been nominated for “Small Business Rock Stars.”

    The Village includes:

    -Large open reception area

    -2 large board rooms

    -15 private available offices

    -Furniture included in offices

    -3 small private phone offices

    -30+ open desks

    -Stocked kitchen w/ seating

    -Game area

    -Private deck with grill and seating

    -2 private showers

    -Name/logo displayed in lobby

    Member benefits include:

    -Corporate mailing address

    -Shipping/mail handling

    -All utilities included

    -Internet included (Fiber and Cable)

    -Free private and guest Wi-Fi

    -24/7 Access

    -Security system w/ key card access

    -Month-to-month payments

    -Drinks and snacks provided

    -Discounted gym membership


    To learn more about The Village @ Across, visit acrossvillage.com, or stop by their location during normal business hours.


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