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Central High School Students Visit with Holocaust Survivor

Pictured from left to right standing behind are DeMarco Heard, Chaz Griffin, Aidan Gresham, Joseph Mazolla, Isaiah Terry, Hayden Hall, Mr. Jamie Biddle, Brant Entrekin, Grant Thomas, Dawson Davis, Mason Rollings, Madelyn Turner, Taylor Steed, Morgan Gray, and Sarah Beth Lewis. Standing in front left to right are Broderick Wilson, Daniel Rivera, Austin Bennett, Maryn Biddle, Breanna Weinman, April Howard, Mialeigh Biddle, Mrs. Tosia Schneider, Savannah Thomas, Jamie Morgan-Otten, Riley George, Kate Denney, Molly Lane, Madison Cook, Nakia Daniel, and Brooke Cloninger.

Central High School honors English students had the opportunity to tour The Temple in Atlanta. Students have read Night by Elie Wiesel, the memoir of the author’s time in a concentration camp during World War II. After numerous class discussions, Mr. Jamie Biddle, the 10th grade honors English teacher, organized a visit to The Temple along with a presentation by Mrs. Tosia Szechter Schneider, a Holocaust survivor. Mrs. Schneider shared her experience with the students and took questions after the presentation. Mrs. Schneider spent her early childhood in Zalesczyki, Poland. During WWII she was taken to the labor camp of Lisowce and experienced unspeakable horrors. All of her immediate family was murdered as was most of her extended family.

In 1949, she came to the U.S. and in 1950 she married Fred Schneider. They have three (3) sons and five (5) grandchildren. Mrs. Schneider taught Hebrew at The Temple for 30 years and is now retired and lives in Atlanta. She wrote her memoirs as a pledge to her mother in 1942 to tell the world of the horror, if she survived. She asks her children and grandchildren to remember the past and struggle against hatred, prejudice and anti-Semitism.


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