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    New Businesses Opening on Maple Street

    Grady Ellis

    Maple Street will soon be home to some new businesses that are opening their doors, as well as some local businesses that are relocating. Here are some of the latest developments gathered by The Carrollton Menu:

    Jules & James Boutique

    One of Carrollton’s popular boutiques is relocating from its current space on Dixie Street to Maple Street. Jules & James Boutique has been in business for nearly two years and, having outgrown its existing location,  is now relocating to a larger space. Jules & James is set to open its new location at 904 Suite B Maple Street on November 11.

    McEver’s Awards, Trophies & Gifts

    McEver’s Awards, Trophies & Gifts will be moving from its existing location on Bradley Street to a new location adjacent to Jules & James Boutique’s new location on Maple Street. McEver’s Awards, Trophies & Gifts is expected to have a Christmas Open House soon at 904 Suite A.

    Blackwater Tattoo

    A Carrollton tattoo artist is opening a new tattoo studio on Maple Street. Julius Woods is opening Blackwater Tattoo at 408 Maple Street across from the historic Maple Street Mansion.

    “This has been a long-time dream that I am happy to make a reality,” Woods said in a Facebook post. “Construction is under way, and hopefully, the doors will be open to the public in two weeks. I have to thank all of my more than loyal clients and friends.”

    Ty Stix Café

    A new pool café called Ty Stix Café is opening at 1022B Maple Street, along with a Country Food Restaurant in the front part of the building. An opening date has not yet been announced.

    Freckled Berry’s

    Freckled Berry’s is moving from its current location in Bowdon to Maple Street Commons.

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