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Healthy Meals Start At Sous Chef in Carrollton

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Life is busy and we most certainly forget how to live it with healthiness in mind. Family seems split during the week and even at the dinner table. With phones constantly in our hands and distractions all around, dinnertime is more like a quick snack. Over the last year, The Sous Chef at Westover Square in Carrollton has helped bring families closer together with healthy, cooked meals ready to eat. Jason and Lindsey Faircloth are celebrating Sous Chef’s first-year anniversary this month! Congratulations!

Looking at services that shipped the ingredients with recipes that the recipient still had to prepare, owner Jason Faircloth tells us that he would always ask his wife Lindsey, “Where is a place I can get my meal all the way cooked?” That helped develop their idea of getting meals made fresh and putting them in the oven after pickup.

Sous Chef also helps those with a need for maintaining their diet plans, such as a young couple that recently was diagnosed with a major health issue. Sous Chef researched meal plans just for them, and the couple ended up taking the gluten-free option and using the fitness meal plan. Lindsey says, “Just seeing her face light up knowing she could do this and maintain a budget made me so happy!”

Success to owner Lindsey means being able to help people. She says, “People are gifting meals for their friends who have lost a loved one. They are actively helping friends. Seeing people use it for others goes a long way. As a Christian I am here to serve others.” 

She goes on to tell us that Sous Chef is creating a company culture where they value other families, regardless of their status. She says, “We wanted to offer something at a reasonable price. Jason and I realized that when we hire employees, we want those employees to feel like we are their family, too. This is the main reason why we close early on Saturday and stay closed on Sundays.”

Sous Chef also gives back to the local community. Buy a meal and Sous Chef gives a meal. Open Hand United Christian Ministries receives a matched financial contribution from each meal bought at Sous Chef. “We are able to make more of an impact by donating the funds to Open Hand United Christian Ministries because the recipients can take a box of food home that will last the entire week”, Lindsey says.

You can learn more about The Sous Chef and join their Supper Club by clicking here.

The Sous Chef is open, Monday-Friday, 9AM-6PM and Saturday, 10AM-130PM.