Home Community OmniCall Receptionists Provide Thanksgiving Dinner for Circles of West Georgia

    OmniCall Receptionists Provide Thanksgiving Dinner for Circles of West Georgia

    On November 21st, 2017, six OmniCall Receptionists and staff members carried in trays of delicious entries into the headquarters of Circles of West Georgia: a non-profit organization equipping families of the community to thrive and end poverty.

    OmniCall’s Vice President, Adam Wilkins, initiated the sponsorship. “I am so thankful for organizations such as Circles. It is much needed in our community and I appreciate the fact that it’s not simply a ‘handout’; they are teaching the life skills necessary for these families to survive in the real world.” OmniCall partners with Circles and makes it a point to spread the word about this incredible organization.

    What is Circles? Circles of West Georgia is an innovative, community-driven way to affect poverty. It is different from simply providing assistance to people in poverty. Circles’ mission is to inspire and equip families and communities to thrive and end poverty. Many are unaware that there are over 20,000 families living in poverty in the Carroll County area alone. What is Circles doing do help?

    Providing a Circle of Support: One Circle Leader is paired with a person living in poverty and two to four Circle Allies, who are volunteers willing to help people achieve their goals.

    Weekly Community Meetings to provide Circle Leaders and Allies with educational information, information on positive lifestyle changes, family dynamics, and ways and opportunities for them to offer something back to their community.
    Hot meals at each of the weekly meetings, provided by local partners.

    So, does it work? Initial research showed that for every $1 invested in Circles, $2 in welfare and food stamp subsidies was returned to the state and $4 to the community as new earned income.

    Once the team at OmniCall heard these staggering statistics, they immediately wanted in. “Circles is different than any charity I’ve ever been apart of. They are offering something far bigger than just a hot meal; they are allowing these families to take their life into their own hands and work themselves out of poverty. How rewarding is that?” says Brigit Entrikin, OmniCall Receptionist.

    About OmniCall: OmniCall Receptionist Service is a local based company consisting of 35-40 professionally trained Receptionists and staff. They specialize in offering top-notch customer service and call handling for businesses all of the U.S. The Receptionists can assist businesses in many ways such as answering and transferring calls, taking messages, and scheduling appointments all from their Studio on Thomas Newell Way in Carrollton.