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    Metal Fabrication Business Creates Custom Metal Artwork

    A local metal fabrication business has recently gained a reputation for producing custom metal artwork. Asher Burcham, a fabrication specialist and lead welder at Gunn Metal Fabricators, says his artwork began as a hobby, but has quickly grown into a highly-demanded product.

    Gunn Metal Fabricators, located at 725 Kingsbridge Road, first opened in 1980. The company is owned by Bill Watts.

    “We started in the metal fabrication business in 1980, so we’ve been around for a while,” says Bill. “We used to only focus on metal ductwork, but now we are having more and more people ask us to design custom metal artwork.”

    Asher says metal artwork is a very trending decorative item that has grown in popularity in recent years.

    “We make all kinds of stuff for people,” says Asher. “Some people want to have metal signs for their business, or just something to decorate their house. It really enhances that rustic look that people love right now.”

    “After I started working here, I noticed we had a CNC plasma cutter machine in the back that was collecting dust, and I wanted to see if there was something we could use it for,” says Asher. “It’s a very high-tech machine that we had not put to use when we first got it.”

    Asher said he noticed metal artwork on a TV show, and decided to attempt his own artwork at the shop.

    “I created an Instagram account for our business, and started posting some of the pieces I came up with,” says Asher. “We grew to almost 3,000 Instagram followers overnight.”

    Asher now handles an abundance of custom metal artwork projects. The company is currently working on a large project for the University of Georgia.

    “We have a ton of projects in the work, and we’ve done custom metal art pieces for places all over the country. It’s really taking off,” says Asher. “We did a few pieces for the new Chick-fil-A in Carrollton, we’ve done some pieces for Midway Macedonia church, and we’ve also done projects for places a thousand miles from here. We did some work for a five-star restaurant in New York City not too long ago.”

    Asher said Gunn Metal’s prices are much cheaper than most major retailers that sell metal artwork.

    “Metal artwork is very popular right now, and people spend a lot of money buying pieces from major retailers,” says Asher. “We can produce the same work here at a fraction of the cost.”

    While the custom metal artwork has continued to grow, the business still remains one of the most trusted metal duct-work businesses in the area.

    “We still do ductwork on many different kinds of large-scale buildings around here,” says Bill. “David Rush is the supervisor for our ductwork division. We ran all of the ductwork for the new Performing Arts Center, both new gymnasiums at Central and Roopville, and we’ve also recently done ductwork for two large doctor’s offices in Newnan.”

    To find out more about Gunn Metal Fabricators’ custom metal artwork, visit their Instagram page by clicking here.

    Order your custom metal art design now by visiting their location at 725 Kingsbridge Road, or calling Asher at 404-662-6773. Call Gunn Metal Fabricators at 770-832-8215.

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