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Upgrades and Additions Coming to Carroll County


Carroll County is excited to announce three new projects to continue to improve the local community. The first of these will be adding a fire station off Jones Mill and Highway 166. This addition will add a great benefit for the surrounding community by lowering their fire insurance classification from an ISO 10 to an ISO 3, thereby saving the surrounding homeowners and businesses thousands of dollars on their insurance bills.

The next project will be a renovation of the Ag Center which will be getting new roofing, flooring, and bathrooms, as well as a new, outdoor cooking area. With the Ag Center’s being one of the most publicly utilized buildings in the county, this project is aimed at providing a safe and clean location for members of the community to congregate.

Finally, the most exciting project coming up is the new gymnastics center. Coming in at 22,000 square feet and with a floor plan designed by a former coach of the Georgia Gym Dawgs, the board of commissioners is looking to make this the premier location of gymnastics events in the southeast area. “We believe the gymnastics center will have a great economic impact,” said Gerald Pilgrim, the county Operations Director. “The Carroll County Rec Department will be able to host regional and state gymnastics events bringing in thousands of tourism dollars which will benefit both the county and local businesses.” The City Menus will continue to keep you informed about these projects as more information becomes available.

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Alice Ridley-Teal
Six-time STAR teacher, Alice taught Advanced Placement English, literature, composition, speech and theater for over twenty years, part of which time she also served as Director of Admissions, Development, Public Relations, and Alumni at Oak Mountain Academy. She is the managing partner of Ridley-Teal Properties and content editor for the City Menus. She is a board member of the Carroll Symphony Orchestra and enjoys playing flute with the Carroll Community Wind Ensemble.