Not Your Typical Spa or Health Clinic

    For a long time Dr. Allison Key felt like something was missing. “I felt like maybe I had burned out on medicine, but after a lot of prayer, I realized it wasn’t medicine that had me frustrated, it was the way we were ‘doing’ medicine that had me frustrated.” Dr. Key is a big believer in whole-self wellness; it’s not just the physical body that is important, but the mental, emotional, and spiritual self must be cared for as well. And so, 3:16 Healthcare was born. Comprised of 3:16 Family Medicine and Spa 3:16, this new type of facility in Bremen offers lots of services you cannot get in any other single location.

    3:16 Family Medicine offers traditional family practice services like well checks for children and adults, acute care for coughs and colds, chronic care management, DOT physicals, sports physicals, and more. They are also offering some non-traditional and what some have referred to as “old school” services, like house calls, as well. Direct Primary Care is something that Dr. Key’s office is offering and that she feels passionately about. “After I left my previous job, my husband and I found ourselves both self-employed.  When we went to get health insurance for our family, we found out just how outrageously priced it really was. I just knew I had to do something for people in our community to help them have access to care.” Direct Primary Care is basically a membership for primary care. For a small monthly fee, that is discounted for families or business owners providing this service for their employees, patients have essentially unlimited access to Dr. Key and her staff.  It covers all visits, basic labs and treatments, and most primary care procedures. Anything out of the ordinary is provided at cost to the patient. “It’s just a way for us to stand in the gap for people since insurance is not really affordable,” states Dr. Key. “People can elect to have a very high-deductible policy to cover catastrophic or emergency type situations and have a low premium and save lots of money by participating in our Direct Primary Care program.”  

    Spa 3:16, on the other end of the same building, offers both aesthetic and complimentary medicine services. Massage, Botox, cosmetic fillers, vaginal rejuvenation, laser hair removal, chemical peels, skin care, microblading, and body contouring are just a few of the services you can get at the spa. “Our team is comprised of the most highly trained and experienced people around, and most of these services you cannot get outside of the Atlanta area,” says Dr. Key. “Some of these services, like microblading, for example, many women are on a six month waiting list in Atlanta to have done. Not anymore. We are the first medical spa like this in the area, and the quality of care you get here is unmatched.” Microblading is a procedure quickly growing in popularity for semi-permanent eyebrows. “We have over fifty years of combined experience in the aesthetic medicine field,’ states Dr. Key, ‘and patients can rest assured they are in the best of hands when they step through the door here.” Spa 3:16 offers Vanquish and Exilis which are painless procedures used to melt fat and tighten skin.  “Our services are, for the most part, non-invasive and require no down time but can have long-lasting or even permanent effects that are changing lives. Many people like to joke about vaginal rejuvenation, but all us moms know the struggle of jumping on the trampoline with the kids. We can fix that without medicine, without surgery.  Seriously, it can change your life!” Dr. Key’s excitement is obvious as she shares more about their procedures and services.  

    The motto of 3:16 Healthcare is based on a Bible verse from Deuteronomy. “’You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you come out’ is what the verse says,” states Dr. Key. “We have a picture with that on it in our family waiting room, and I feel strongly about this. I want every person who walks through our doors to walk out feeling better about life, about themselves, about their health, in some way or form. We are bringing positivity and light into the healthcare field, empowering people as we go, and hopefully impacting our community for the better.”  

    Dr. Key was born and reared in Bremen. She plays the piano for her church and is involved with several charitable organizations. She plans for her practices to also be involved in community and charitable support. They are planning their second free clinic on Saturday, February 3rd. Erika Smith, PA-C and Brittany Sleek, NP-C are the other providers at 3:16 Healthcare and share this love and vision for the community.   Dr. Key concludes, “Together we are making a small ripple that we hope will have wider and wider effects. The team we have at this practice is just spectacular.  I cannot say enough good things about them. God definitely had a hand in this whole thing. It’s a long, winding story, but those threads are there, and we are excited to see what the future holds for our community and for 3:16 Healthcare.”

    To learn more, visit their website at or call 770-537-1234. The sign up information for Direct Primary care is available on the website as well. 

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