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Heartbreak Skate Competition at SpinnerZ On February 9th and 10th

Spinnerz Family Skate Center at 117 GA Highway 113 in Carrollton is hosting the 2018 Heartbreak Skate Competition on February 9th and 10th. The annual event is a hit for local skating enthusiasts, and will feature some of the best skaters in the nation.

“Anyone is welcome to join and compete in the competition,” says Vanessa Smith, who runs the competition with her husband David. “But it is also open for people who only want to skate and enjoy watching the competitions and who are not there to compete.”

Smith noted that skaters will compete for prizes and money. The competition will also feature a Sk8 Party where everyone open skates on Friday from 10pm until 2am. “We have different events that people can compete it,” says Vanessa. “The style of skating that most competing have gravitated too is a combination of boogie skating and break dancing.”

The event will feature:
1. OPEN HOUSE Slide Off – sponsor prize
2. OPEN HOUSE Spin-Off – sponsor prize
3. Musicality Battle – $150 cash prize
4. Hot Floor Battle – $100 cash prize
5. Solo Performances – $150cash prize
6. Future Performances – $150 cash prize
7. Doubles Battle – $150 cash prize
8. Future Battle – Your choice between Vanilla Juniors and Riedell 851’s (This battle is sponsored by EastCoast Roller Sports)
9. Shuffles – $150 (both solo and doubles will be included in the same event)
10. DANGERZONE Battle – $150 cash prize

Vanessa says that the future events are for more novice skaters for beginners looking to get involved and compete!

Event Admission:
Friday – $10.00 
Saturday – $20.00
 Weekend Pass – $25

“We can’t wait to host this event,” says Vanessa. “It’s family-friendly, and will be something everyone can enjoy.”