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Gaming Store Features Grand Opening in Newnan

Provided by Full Circle Games

Full Circle Toys hosted its Grand Opening event last week to celebrate the opening of its new expansion, Full Circle Games. The new gaming store has a wide selection of gaming items and supplies for both card games and video games.

“We offer cards and supplies for tabletop gaming like Magic the Gathering and Pokemon, and others, but we also have retro games and consoles and movies as well,” said Richard Mix, owner.

Full Circle Games hosted a grand opening gaming tournament the past weekend that drew a big turnout for the new store. The tournament featured a $250 prize and lasted into the early morning hours on Sunday.

“Tabletop gaming and video games are at our core, and we wanted to open a place where people can come and play and really enjoy these games with others,” said Mix. “Most of the places around here that offer tabletop gaming tournaments have limited space, poor lighting, and just aren’t  great places to go play. We wanted to create a space for that, and give people a place they can come and really enjoy the game.”

Much like Full Circle Toys, which offers a vintage toy selection, Full Circle Games features older gaming consoles and video games.

“The toy store has been here for 10 years, and we really saw a good opportunity to expand into the gaming aspect,” said Mix. “The space next door to us used to be an antique store; and when it closed down, we thought this would be a great opportunity to open Full Circle Games.”

Mix said his new store is getting lots of attention from gaming fans in Newnan and the surrounding area.

We plan on having regular tournaments, and we are getting people from all over this area who want to come play,” said Mix. “We are happy to be able to offer a modern, clean, and professional gaming experience to anyone who wants to stop by.”

To find out more about Full Circle Games, visit their Facebook page here.

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