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Target Plans to Remodel Carrollton Store

Target announced today that it plans to remodel its Carrollton store location. Liz Hancock, communications manager, says the plans for the Carrollton location are part of a larger initiative for the major retailer.

“Target is increasing our investment to reimagine more than 1,000 stores by the end of 2020, enhancing the guest experience with the next generation of store design,” said Hancock.

As part of the project, Carrollton’s store will feature Target’s most ambitious store redesign to date. Hancock says the plans include modernizing design elements and bringing more technology and digital experiences to Target stores to give guests an experience that’s easy and inspiring.

In addition to the 110 stores remodeled by Target in 2017, the chain plans to fully renovate more than 300 stores annually over the next few years. The remodel project for Target’s Carrollton location is slated to begin this spring or summer.

Hancock says the store is not yet releasing specific plans related to the project. Here are links to some of Target’s blog posts related to the remodel plans:


“There are many considerations and factors that influence a remodel project’s timing, scope and specific details during the planning process, so we can provide more information once construction is underway,” said Hancock.

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