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    ZLM Photography: Specializing in Newborn Photography

    Newborn photography is an amazing experience that can provide unforgettable memories for proud parents. Zahara Mehta, owner of ZLM Photography, has been specializing in newborn photography for eight years and has gained national recognition for her work.

    “The images you get with newborns are very special and absolutely beautiful,” says Zahara. “It’s a unique experience that’s different from any other kind of photography—that’s one of the things that drew me into it.”

    Zahara began taking photographs of her own children and constantly worked to get better quality photos until those experiences grew into the idea to start her own business.

    “I started documenting my own children’s childhood and then had friends who asked me to take photos of their children. It just became a natural progression into a business,” says Zahara.

    Realizing her passion for newborn photography, she reached out to some of the most accomplished newborn photographers in the country and began learning from them. Soon she established her own photography business in Newnan.

    “There are a lot of factors that go into spectacular images of a newborn baby,” says Zahara. “It’s really all about the experience and making sure the child is comfortable. It takes some skills to keep a newborn calm while you’re putting them into different positions and getting the right angles and lighting.”

    ZLM Photography has grown into being one of the most popular newborn photographers in both Newnan and Peachtree City, and Zahara also serves clients across the Atlanta area. Her work has received national recognition from several prestigious industry publications such as Lemonade & Lenses, Mozi Magazine, I Heart Faces, and the 50 Most Beautiful Children Campaign. Zahara is also listed as one of the 30 top family photographers at the Atlanta Parent Magazine.

    “[Newborn photography] is becoming  more of a trend now, and there is a big difference in the work of people who just dabble in it as opposed to that of a professional photographer,” says Zahara. “My clients usually browse my website and customize their sessions based on the photos they’ve see from my other newborn work.”

    Zahara says she has come to love her work and always enjoys meeting new families. She hopes more couples will consider capturing those precious moments in the few weeks after their child is born.

    “Most people don’t really think about having photos taken of their newborn. I hope they visit my website and see not only how special the session itself could be for them, but also how it could give them memories they can hold onto forever,” says Zahara.

    To find out more about how you can plan your photo session for your newborn, visit the ZLM Photograpy Facebook page here or the ZLM Photography website here. 

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