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Lambert Tire: Remodeled and Revisioned for Women

Tim McClain

Lambert Tire Co., Carrollton’s oldest tire shop, has been serving customers in the Carrollton area since 1961. The shop was recently remodeled to look like a coffee shop, or as one customer put it, “An industrial-modern tire bar” to bring a fresh, new atmosphere for Lambert Tire Co. customers—especially the ladies.

“People are surprised to learn that women outnumber men both as drivers and as customers in the automotive industry, including women–who despite this fact–feel powerless, nervous, or even ashamed when taking their cars for a repair or tires,” says Ash Edwards, who has recently begun helping his brother Mark, the owner of the store.

Tim McClain

Ash says the remodel is aimed to reflect the look and overall feel of Carrollton’s downtown district, including Adamson Square down to Newnan Street and Cedar Street. In addition to improving the shop’s aesthetics, Ash noted that Lambert Tire also offers Jittery Joe’s coffee to its customers, as well as concierge service.

In addition to the new look for Lambert Tire Co., Ash and Mark came up with a plan to provide more than service for the women they serve.

“We had the idea of a workshop in which women would learn the basic details of what’s going on under their hoods and not be embarrassed if they don’t know much at all—there are no dumb questions,” says Ash. “We want to teach ladies what is going on under the hood, which parts can be touched, and which should only be handled by a mechanic.

Tim McClain

“We also want to demonstrate how to execute maintenance tasks and emergency fixes such as jump-starting a car, adding coolant to the system, changing the air filter, and measuring tire wear and air pressure. From there we can get into specific repairs—many women want to know if they are being overcharged and whether the repair for their car is actually essential.”

Ash says the Ladies Only Auto Clinic is meant to empower women to take ownership of their cars and replace the fear and anxiety that often surround their operating a vehicle. He noted that the class will also teach what to look for when purchasing a vehicle.

Ash encourages women who are interested in participating to email him at [email protected].

To learn more about Lambert Tire, stop by their location at 134 Bankhead Highway, or follow the Lambert Tire Co. Facebook page here.

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