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The Horton’s Say Goodbye to The Optical Shop

Bren Williamson

Pam and her husband Kim Horton are now entering the beginning of their well-deserved retirement! Pam has worked in the optical business since 1975 and opened her shop on Maple Street in 1990. She tells us, “I wanted to open my own shop and put my personal touch into it. I’ve had many customers that became good friends, and I made many friends in the optical business.”

The Optical Shop was a longtime advertiser with The City Menus, and we enjoyed spending time in the shop and making purchases from them! Pam tells us she is going to enjoy spending time with her grandkids and family. Both Pam and her husband will also enjoy their small condo in Panama City Beach with the ocean breeze. This was her dream, as she told me a few weeks ago before they closed. She also serves on the condo association which will keep her busy while away from Carrollton. The City Menus wishes the Hortons the very best! Thank you for your partnership!