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New Delivery Service Connects Users With Local Restaurants

A new company unveiled a new delivery service in the Carrollton area to provide hungry customers with meals from their favorite restaurants. JackRabbit Deliveries is set to take convenience to a whole new level for people in the Carrollton area.

Similar to UberEats, JackRabbit will connect users with fast and friendly delivery drivers who will pick up and deliver meals and any other items needed right to their doorstep.

“Our goal is to empower every restaurant in Carrollton with the opportunity to reach hungry customers via our super friendly delivery service,” says Kevin Polk, founder of JackRabbit Deliveries. “We connect businesses of all sorts with customers via our independent driver fleet. Soon after the restaurant delivery is up and going we will begin the process of delivering from most any business in Carrollton, for instance, we will pick up your laundry, shop for items from the local pharmacy, groceries and much more.”

Kevin has already established a similar company in the Mobile, Alabama area and has become wildly popular with local residents and restaurants alike.

“Mobile, Alabama was our very first delivery market; as a restaurant owner myself, I saw the need to reach customers who either could not come out to us or just wanted the convenience of restaurant food delivered to their home or office,” says Kevin.

Kevin opened Dapper Deliveries in 2016 in Mobile and helped the company grow into the most popular food delivery service in the area. Dapper Deliveries now services an average of 300 customers per day.

With JackRabbit, Kevin says the process of having your favorite food (and other items) delivered right to your doorstep can be broken down in 4 easy steps.

Step 1. Once you choose your food and go through the checkout process a driver will be assigned to head to the restaurant.
Step 2. The restaurant receives your order on their app and let’s us know how long it will take to prepare your food. We update you and the driver with this information.
Step 3. Once the driver has picked up your food you will be notified that he or she is on the way.
Step 4. Driver arrives with your order usually within 35 to 50 minutes from when you placed your order.

In addition to providing delivery service to residents in the Carrollton area, Kevin says JackRabbit will also be hiring at least 100 part-time drivers as the company grows.

“We expect that 100 drivers will be needed to meet the demand here in Carrollton considering most drivers will sign up for part-time work,” says Kevin. “Our drivers are expected to be prompt, courteous and professional representatives of both our restaurant partners and JackRabbit Deliveries.”

JackRabbit will provide delivery up to 15-mile from the restaurant being ordered from. To find out more, visit the JackRabbit Deliveries website here, or connect with them on social media.

“We officially launched JackRabbit Deliveries on June 4th ,” says Kevin. “We are really excited to bring this service to the people of Carrollton and we encourage everyone to try it for themselves.”

You can visit www.jackrabbitdeliveries.com to order now!