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Local Entrepreneur Plans Expansion of Zing Rental to Hometown

Zing Rental

Kera West is a young entrepreneur with a big vision. After starting a bustling business in the midwest, she moved back to her hometown of Carrollton and is now expanding her company, Zing Rental.

Zing Rental is an event equipment rental service for events of all sizes, including birthday parties, weddings, family reunions, corporate bbqs, music festivals, state fairs, and more. Zing Rental also offers party planning services along with equipment rentals including and not limited to tents, tables, chairs, bounce houses, dance floors, chandeliers, and much more! The company services events in multiple states including, Missouri, Kansas and Louisiana, and NOW Georgia! Kera plans to branch out on a national scale in the future.

Kera started the company back in 2012 at the age of 19. The business flourished, accommodating more than 75 events in 30 cities in 2013.

As the business grew and Kera saw an opportunity to further her organization’s success. She enrolled in classes at the University of Missouri – Kansas City and added to her Communications Degree with Business as a minor with emphasis in entrepreneurship. Kera now plans to bring back the core focus of her company back to Carrollton and begin growing Zing Rental with a refreshed strategy. She has implemented her own personal purpose of spreading happiness within her vision of the company.

Kera detailed some of her vision for Zing Rental to The City Menus.

“I want my business to be a full service event rental company,” says Kera. “I want to expand the company into other departments including DJs, event planners, hair stylists, bartenders, party buses, limos, speakers, stages, porta potty and showers, photography, catering, and more.”

Zing Rental

Kera notes that she wants Zing Rental to be a full-service rental company with a full staff. She hopes to assemble and train a full team to operate the business, as well as help team members gain valuable professional experience.

Kera also says she hopes to be able to give back to her community through Zing Rental.

“I want to be able to provide happiness and fulfillment in giving back within my family, church, and community,” says Kera. “I will have annual programs sponsored by Zing Rental. Family will include my employees. I want to provide annual retreats for my employees to enjoy. By department, they will enjoy a weekend getaway.”

Zing Rental

Kera also plans to take Zing Rental’s services across the nation.

“My ultimate goal is to have a warehouse for the full service event rental company in each region of the United States including Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, and Georgia,” says Kera. “I will be adding small amounts of real estate investing into the company. All the properties will be for Zing Rental’s benefits and usage for more revenue not like normal a real estate company that buys and sells houses. At each location, I want to include event spaces and vacation rental house. I want rental properties as well for a program that. I am creating and very passionate about: Zingless Program. This program will be focused on homeless people and house them, give them a job, and mentor them into their fullest potential.”

To learn more about Carrollton’s newest event equipment rental company, please call 678-200-0905 or email [email protected].

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