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Hong Kong Closes Its Doors After 22 Years of Service

A popular Chinese restaurant and Japanese sushi bar officially closed its doors on June 3. After marrying in 1996, Hong Kong owners, May Lin and her husband Chan G. Cao, opened the first location in Douglasville, Georgia, on Highway 5 where May’s husband was the head chef. The couple then relocated the restaurant in 2003 to be closer to their home in Carrollton.

“It made sense to move the new location to Carrollton; it was more convenient for my husband and I to commute to. We are both from China, but Carrollton feels like our hometown,” said May.

When asked about their plans for the future, May stated that she and her husband were looking forward to devoting their time to their two children.

“We could not be more thankful for the support from our customers for the last 22 years. We could not have had the success in this community without their business.” she says.

The vacant building is located on Maple Street near Westover Square. Currently no business has announced taking over the location.