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New, High-Tech Car Wash Now Open in Carrollton

Bren Williamson

A revolutionary new style of car wash is now open in Carrollton at 10 Ford Way off Bankhead Highway. Best Express Car Wash utilizes dual belt conveyor technology to allow vehicles to pass through the wash more smoothly and experience a truly unique car wash.

“It allows us to take control of the vehicles passing through our wash and safely carry them down the wash tunnel,” said Jessica Ealey, General Manager. “The Belt drastically reduces the difficulty of customer loading, making the car wash experience easier for everyone.”

The dual-belt conveyor method, known as a Tommy Car Wash System, is the first of its kind in the state of Georgia. Best Express Car Wash is one of the largest car washes in the state and features a 110-foot tunnel with natural lighting.

“The most distinguishing features that differ our car wash from others in the area are the dual- belt concept along with the open feel of the actual tunnel,” said Jessica Ealey.

Best Express Car Wash features a very sleek, modern design from its drive-thru lanes to the tunnel itself. Jessica says the spacious atmosphere of Best Express’ tunnel is one of the main reasons customers enjoy using the new wash system.

“The open feel inside the tunnel is a favorite for our customers,” says Jessica. “You have zero light transition coming out of the Best Express tunnel. In addition, it allows for the customers to see what is going on around them during the wash rather than feeling claustrophobic and in the dark.”

In addition to featuring the newest technology in car washing, Best Express Car Wash offers premium-quality wash products and services.

“Our Red Hot Lava Flow is an outstanding low pH body soap that creates a leathery, deep cleaning foam to cut through dirt, bugs, and road grime,” says Jessica. “Our Simoniz Hot Wax uses real Carnauba Wax for a hand-wax level experience. In addition, the Turtle Wax Ice Instant Shine enhances the gloss of the car’s finish, aids in drying, and enhances the shine of black plastic and trim.”

Rather than paying for each individual wash, customers have the option to sign up for a membership which allow them to wash their car as many times as desired within a 30-day period. Unlimited plans are billed month-to-month, and customers have the option to cancel at any time. Best Express Car Wash offers a smartphone app in which customers may download and select their wash lane of choice and have their car cleaned without ever rolling down their window.

“Our customers can either download the Wash Club app onto their device to register the vehicle(s) or stop by Best Express Car Wash where one of our attendants can do it for them,” says Jessica. “The process is really easy and only takes a few minutes of their time. Once registered, the customer can then select any lane to gain automatic access to the wash. They will simply drive up to allow the cameras to read their license plate, then the system will verify their membership, and the gate will raise for them.”

Download the Wash Club app (APPLE) (GOOGLE PLAY)

The vacuum stations are free of charge for customers who purchase any wash. Jessica invites everyone from the area to experience this one-of-a-kind wash!

“Please stop by Best Express Car Wash to try out our wash system,” says Jessica. “We promise you will love our staff and the overall experience.”

To find out more, visit the Best Express Car Wash Facebook page here.

Best Express is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Sunday.

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