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Mustard Seed Cafe Opening Saturday at City Station’s Grand Opening

Krystal Horne

Our team at The City Menus enjoyed an extensive tour of City Station on Monday, June 19th! The community is invited to visit City Station on June 23rd. The final touches are being made on Mustard Seed Cafe so you can enjoy some tasty food Saturday! Chef Michael will be grilling!

The Mustard Seed Cafe at City Station will offer a healthy food menu including soups, salads, burgers and other cuisine.

“Everything on our menu will be unique and  flavorful foods that will all be made from scratch,” says Michael. “When you make it all from scratch, and really put a lot of love into it, it makes the food special. It becomes more than just a restaurant.”

Michael also noted that the menu items will be affordable for patrons, and will offer a casual dining experience. Kevin says the restaurant’s goal is to bring the community together.

“We’re really excited to bring something like this to Carrollton because it’s going to be a place that brings people together,” says Kevin. “People can come in from the Greenbelt, or stop by the Mustard Seed Cafe here at City Station before or after a class. It’s going to be a place where parents can stop by and grab some food and eat and let their kids play on the playgrounds outside. We really want it to be a place where people can come multiple times per week and feel like they are eating with friends.”

Nicole Jones, Creative Arts Pastor for Southern Hills Christian Church, says the church intends for City Station to serve as a community center for Christians, as well as other members of the community. “This project is unique to our area as it will meet needs that no other facility or program is meeting and bring together people who would otherwise not share in community together,” said Jones.

Enjoy your visit to City Station on June 23rd! City Station is located off Maple Street at the Carrollton Bypass (Hwy 166 behind the Greenbelt and CVS.)