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Renovations Under Way at King’s Chapel in Carrollton

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King’s Chapel Presbyterian Church is currently being renovated to make room for more members. Located at 1916 Highway 27, the King’s Chapel location has largely remained the same since it was originally constructed almost 30 years ago.

“We are updating our current facilities which are over 25 years old, and mainly making room for our church to grow and have new members,” said Pastor Andrew Hendley. “We have been planning to do this for years, and originally planned to build a whole new sanctuary, but we decided to take a more economical route and renovate our sanctuary and other parts of our facilities.”

Hendley said the project is expanding the church’s sanctuary seating capacity from 300 to 475, and also adding more bathrooms and other features.

“We are going from about 100 spaces in our parking lot to 225 spaces,” said Hendley.

The construction project, which is being done by RKR Construction, began in March and is expected to be completed by the end of August.

“Crews have finished the framing on our expansion, and now they are doing all the internal work,” said Hendley.

Hendley said the church first met in an old farmhouse on the property when the original building was under construction. He said King’s Chapel is still holding worship services in the same building and will continue to do so until the project is finished.

“The main thing we want to accomplish is to renovate our building and modernize a lot of our space while also making it better for us to help engage people in our community—that’s our main goal,” said Hendley. “The building itself is just a tool to engage people and spread our ministry. We are very thankful to be able to go through with this project and are excited to see it once it’s finally finished.”

To find out more, visit the King’s Chapel Facebook page.


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