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Carrollton Named “Runner Friendly Community”

Carrollton is among five cities across the United States that have been named “Runner Friendly Communities” by the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA). According to a press release from the organization, the honor is bestowed upon communities that have “the “right stuff” of community infrastructure and support plus local government involvement for designation.”

The success of the Carrollton Greenbelt and efforts on behalf of local governments helped the organization select Carrollton as a Runner Friendly Community.

“Runner Friendly Communities have shown that they meet the program’s criteria, which includes community infrastructure, community support, and local government support for running,” the release states. “Each community has shown they have an infrastructure that can foster physical activity in a safe environment. They have a proven track record that organizations and businesses work together to promote running as a healthy exercise and sport. With the most important criteria being, there are positive relationships between the running community and local government.”

“The quality and quantity of references from city and state government leaders for this round of Runner Friendly Communities highlights the importance of positive relationships between the running community and local officials,” said Jean Knaack, RRCA Executive Director. “The commitment to safe pedestrian networks and trails in these communities shows a dedication to making physical activity a priority for the residents in their communities.”

The community was nominated by the West Georgia Track Club (WGTC), who are affiliated with the RRCA.

“We are really excited that Carrollton was named as a Runner Friendly Community,” said WGTC President Tyler Woodward. “The goal of the RRCA’s Runner Friendly Community program is to shine a national spotlight on communities that stand out as runner-friendly and provide incentives and ideas for communities to work towards becoming runner-friendly communities.”

The West Georgia Track Club is a 501(c)(3) organization made up of individuals with a passion for running. The organization promotes a healthy lifestyle that includes walking or running, and it also focuses on giving back to the community with volunteer service.

“This kind of puts Carrollton and the Greenbelt more on the map and adds more to the reputation for being runner-friendly and a great place for running and walking,” said Woodward. “Anyone can look on the RRCA website and they will be able to see that our community is named as one of the five 2018 Runner Friendly Communities. We’re really excited about it.”

Woodward said Carroll County Commission District 5 member Montrell McClendon helped with the application process by providing a letter detailing the success of the Greenbelt and the efforts on behalf of the WGTC. Carrollton City Council Ward 2 member Rory Wojcik, who helped spearhead efforts by the City to create the Greenbelt, also commented on the award.

“This designation adds to our Bicycle Friendly Community status and our adoption of the complete streets policy which requires streets to be planned, designed, and built for all mobility needs: bicycle, pedestrian and vehicular traffic,” said Wojcik. “The city of Carrollton prioritizes fostering safety for ALL users while also encouraging a healthy lifestyle for our residents. The West Georgia Track Club is a wonderful organization, and their involvement in our city is another example of successful partnerships that improve the quality of life in our community.”

For more information on the West Georgia Track Club, visit their website by clicking here or follow their official Facebook page here.

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