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Plates on the Square Temporarily Closed for Renovations

One of downtown Carrollton’s most popular restaurants is currently closed for some exciting renovations. Plates on the Square closed on Sunday and plans to possibly reopen on Monday, July 23.

The City Menus spoke with Brad Wilks, owner of Plates on the Square, said he plans to update much of the restaurant’s equipment and decor, as well as add some interesting new menus items.

“We are just doing a little bit of what I would call updating to the restaurant,” said Wilks. “We are very happy to have just cracked 10 years that we’ve been open, and some parts of our restaurant are that old. We are taking time to update those things so we can hopefully keep serving customers for another 10 years or more.”

Wilks said Plates is making some cosmetic changes to its downstairs restaurant area along with the installation of some new equipment. In addition to the new look, Wilks says his restaurant will also have some new flavors for patrons to enjoy.

“We are keeping a lot of elements and changing a lot of elements,” said Wilks. “We are going to be changing about sixty percent of the menu, but we are maintaining a large portion of our menu that are some of the favorites. We wanted to bring some new menu items that will be both exciting and flavorful for our customers.”

Plates has long been known as one of downtown Carrollton’s best restaurants, but it has never been known to serve only one particular style of cuisine.

“For the entire ten years we’ve been open, we have never served one style of food that would fit into a single category,” said Wilks. “We try to have a number of comfort foods, but we try to do international flavors and different flavor profiles and cuisines you can’t normally find in this area.”

Wilks noted that Plates will also be adding some new drink options for thirsty customers as well.

“One of the main things we are excited about is that we’re putting in a significant new draft system as part of this project,” said Wilks. “We will have twenty drafts beers on tap, which will be the most of any restaurant or bar on Adamson Square.”

Wilks said he is excited to reopen on July 23 and hopes to continue serving customers in Carrollton for many years to come.

To find out more, visit the Plates on the Square Facebook page here and stay tuned to The City Menus for more restaurant and retail news from the west Georgia and east Alabama area!

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