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Flash Floods Impact Carrollton

Photo credit: Jerrica Eaves

The City of Carrollton experienced heavy flooding Monday evening due to intense rainfall. No injuries were reported in the flooding, but officers were called to rescue some motorists who were trapped in their cars.

Some of the heaviest flooding occurred along South Park Street in front of Dairy Queen and the Maple Street intersection. The flooding has since completely receded from this area and the road has been reopened.

“The worst area—to my knowledge—was in front of Dairy Queen on Highway 27,” said Capt. Chris Dobbs of the Carrollton Police Department. “We know that multiple cars were stranded and our officers were able to rescue those people from that area using the help of our humvees.”

Dobbs has a long record working for Carrollton Police Department and noted the extent of the damage.

“I’ve only seen it flood like this one other time, but this was unbelievable,” said Dobbs.

In addition to the flooding along Highway 27, an area near the Richards Lake behind Southwire Company’s corporate offices was closed. Officials said Strickland Road and Blandenburg Road is currently closed due to flooding.

“That area is always prone to flooding when we experience heavy rains, so those have remained closed until the water recedes,” said Dobbs.

Carrollton Police Chief Joel Richards commented on the rescue efforts made by his officers.

“We’re very thankful that, in times like these, we have humvees that we can use to help get people to safety,” said Richards. “It’s really surprising how bad the flooding was. One of our officers driving the humvee said the water was up over his ankles in some areas when they were working to get drivers out who were trapped inside their cars. I’m very proud of the efforts of our officers.”

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