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Farmers Fresh CSA Closing After 10 Years

Donny Karr

A popular farm-to-table cafe and market in Carrollton may soon be closing its doors after serving the community for more than a decade. Farmers Fresh CSA owner Patricia Gladney-Heatherington says she is hoping to find someone to take over ownership of the business and carry on serving fresh produce and menu items to the local community.

“Right now we’re looking to get the word out to the community that we’re planning to close the store, but I would like to find someone willing to take it over and sort of carry on the dream—so to speak,” said Patricia.

Patricia noted that she plans to return to her farm and help operate the family’s community supported agriculture (CSA) business.

“We do a CSA program, which is really how we started with Farmers Fresh CSA,” said Patricia. “We had some leftover produce from our CSA and we decided to get a place to sell it. It didn’t take long for it to turn into a cafe and market.”

Farmers Fresh is a community-supported cafe and market that connects local farmers with consumers.

“We work directly with people in our local agricultural industry,” said Patricia. “Our store location is a place where consumers get to actually meet the people who grow and raise the food they eat. It’s something we have really enjoyed serving the community with.”

Farmers Fresh CSA began with a location on Rome Street before moving to 207 Adamson Square in 2011. Patricia says she hopes someone will carry on Farmers Fresh CSA and continue serving the local community.

“We anticipate closing around the end of August, and at that time, we will be here to either transition to new ownership or move out completely,” said Patricia. “If anyone knows of someone that might be interested in taking over Farmers Fresh CSA, please tell them to get in touch with us.”

To find out more, visit the Farmers Fresh CSA Facebook page here, or visit the Farmers Fresh CSA website here.

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