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New Businesses Opening in Bowdon

Following a successful Bowdon Founder’s Day event, the city will have some new businesses opening very soon. Founder’s Day, which took place on August 4, featured a 5k and fun run, as well as a parade and live entertainment. The 2018 Bowdon Founder’s Day was capped off with a fireworks celebration at the Copeland Hall Complex.

City Clerk Susan Pierce says a new recording studio is slated to open soon at 123 West College Street in Bowdon. A business license for Henley Road, L.L.C. was recently approved by the City.

“That business is going to be located in the old Bowdon Dry Cleaners location, and they are doing some extensive remodeling right now where they are building some rooms and other things,” said Pierce.

An official opening date has not yet been announced for Henley Road L.L.C.’s recording studio.

Chestnut Ridge Hearth and Home recently unveiled its new venture, Chestnut Ridge Tea Company. Chestnut Ridge is a popular hearth and home store that features a wide variety of items ranging from home decor to specialty food items.

“We are a stocking dealer of almost 100 varieties of tea (the largest dealer between Atlanta and Birmingham),” says Keith Barker, owner of Chestnut Ridge. “Our lines are responsibly sourced from around the world and considered some of the best available. We carry black, green, oolong, Assam, white, herbal, and fruit teas. Be sure to sniff a sample at our Tea Sample Board. Most often, the smell indicates the taste of the tea. A lot of our teas are great cold as well as hot! Stop in on Saturdays for a free sample of ‘Tea Of The Day’!”

The Chestnut Ridge Tea Company will also feature locally produced honey.

“Our honey supplier is located in the beautiful North Georgia mountains and features only natural, raw honey straight from the hive with all the natural health benefits you expect from top-quality honey,” says Keith. “Our flavors are wildflower, southern cotton, orange blossom, and gallberry.”

Boyd Motor Group is slated to open soon at 826 East College Street. The business has a statement on their website, which can be visited by clicking here. The statement reads:

“At Boyd Motor Group, L.L.C. we understand that finding the perfect combination of quality and affordability can be difficult. So we have made it our goal to provide Bowdon and the surrounding areas with the best buying experience possible. Take a look through our website to see what fits your needs best!”

InStyle Hair Salon recently moved to a new location at 970 West College Street. Find out more about InStyle Hair Salon by visiting their Facebook page here.

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