Carrollton Thrift Store Helping to Build Medical Center in Honduras

    Did you know that there is a store in Carrollton where—just by shopping there—you can help fund efforts to build a medical center in Honduras?

    ReThread Thrift Store, located at 1561 Highway 27 near Rivers Pools, is doing just that. Owner Michael Wahl says the store has helped fund the non-profit organization Dri Butts for more than a year, but he says there are bigger plans in store.

    “Dri Butts is a non-profit where we use the funds we get from ReThread to help give diapers to children living in impoverished countries,” says Michael. “You wouldn’t believe how many kids are growing up without having diapers to wear in some of these countries in Africa and Central America. We are doing what we can to make sure they get diapers, which helps to significantly reduce the amount of diseases that are spread due to contact with human waste.”

    On a recent trip to Cruzalta, Honduras, Michael was inspired to begin working toward opening a medical center in the small mountain village. This current journey all started under a mango tree…

    “I went on a mission trip to Cruzalta in 2012 to help build a church in the town,” says Michael. “It was a lot of work, and I’m not very skilled in carpentry, so I found myself pretty much just running errands for the workers who were building the church.”

    Cruzalta is situated high in a mountainous region of Honduras. Michael and his team plan to build the medical center on this site overlooking a valley.

    Michael says his day-to-day duties began to take a toll on his self-confidence, but he was determined to continue working hard toward helping build the church in Cruzalta.

    “One day I was taking a break from work, and I was praying underneath a mango tree,” says Michael. “At that time, I was praying for guidance, and God began to speak to me. He said I would be doing much greater things than what I was currently doing. It was a moment that I’ll never forget.”

    Inspired, Michael helped finish the church in Cruzalta and returned to Georgia. He went on to found ReThread Thrift Store, and through that business, was able to fund Dri Butts and help provide thousands of children with necessary diapers and other support.

    The mango tree Michael sat under while he was working to help build the church in Cruzalta.

    Michael returned to Cruzalta in 2017 on a second mission trip to distribute diapers to children in the local villages. There he met once again met the pastor, Tulio, whom he and his fellow church members had ordained years ago.

    “We were walking through the village and we came to the church, and all of a sudden I noticed the mango tree, still standing at the same place,” says Michael. “I told Tulio about that day under the mango tree and that I really wanted to do something greater than before like build a medical center.”

    Michael told Tulio that the space would be an excellent location for a medical center, which would greatly benefit the people of Cruzalta who currently have very little medical support.

    “Tulio looked at me and smiled and told me that the land is for sale,” says Michael. “I said that it would be great to purchase the land and begin building a medical center.”

    Michael and his team wrapped up their trip and headed back to the United States. One member of his team came to him as they headed home and told him she would purchase the land where the mango tree stood so the work could begin on the medical center.

    “I couldn’t believe it,” says Michael. “Everything just started coming together and, before I knew it, we were heading back to Honduras to buy this property and start building.”

    After overcoming some hurdles, Michael and his team purchased the land and are now working toward building the Cruzalta Medical Center. Funds from every item purchased at ReThread Thrift Store goes to help with construction and implementation costs for the medical center.

    “This is truly amazing to see it all coming together,” says Michael. “We just want everyone from the local community to see what they can do to help. We have some great deals on clothing and many other accessories at ReThread. We hope people come find something they want and buy it. Every little bit helps.”

    Michael says his team already has a doctor on staff for Cruzalta Medical Center who is helping to prepare for the opening of the medical facility.

    “Shopping at ReThread will help support this effort, and also support our efforts to give children diapers across third-world countries,” says Michael. “People can come shop at the store, or even donate money to help us make this happen. This is not the work of one particular church, but instead, this is the work of a community of Christians working together to help those in need.”

    Visit ReThread at 1561 Highway 27 in Carrollton, just one-quarter mile before Walmart on Highway 27 South.

    Find out more by visiting the ReThread Thrift Store’s Facebook page here.

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