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Traffic Changes Coming to UWG Stadium Intersection

Donny Karr

Local drivers will soon see a change at the intersection of Lovvorn Road and Beulah Church Road. County officials are working with the University of West Georgia and Georgia Department of Transportation engineers to implement a four-way stop at the intersection, and also to lower the speed limit along Lovvorn Road from 55 to 45 miles per hour.

“As much as that has grown and been built up in that area and all of the athletic things going on out there, we’re trying to get speed limit lowered from 55 to 45 and also to make that a four-way stop,” said Charles Pope, Carroll County Public Works Director. “We’ve had a couple of accidents and one fatality at that intersection two years ago. We had a wreck there just two weeks ago, so we decided that it’s time to make some changes to ensure the safety of everyone driving in that area.”

The four-way stop at the intersection will be in place on September 21. Pope said he hopes the County’s work with the GDOT helps to reduce the speed limit very soon.

“The speed limit on Lovvorn Road is 55 based on the state of Georgia laws because we run radar on that road,” said Pope. “Right now, we are doing a traffic study so that we can justify lowering it to 45. Due to the apartment complexes and the homes out there, we hope we can justify getting it to 45 to make sure those residents can drive safely in that area. Our goal is to make traffic safer there for the people that live out there and for people coming and going to the University Stadium.”

Carroll County Commission Chairman Marty Smith said the area around University Stadium has experienced much growth in recent years, prompting the measures to change the speed limit and implement the four-way stop.

UWG’s future plans for the area include a new, large-scale, multi-use tennis complex and varsity track and field.

“The growth of the county and the campus definitely warrants changing the speed on that road,” said Smith. “They’re going to put a multi-use tennis complex, and are building a new varsity track. It’s been great working with UWG, glad they’re one of our community partners. We hope these changes help to ensure the safety of our residents who are passing through that area.”

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