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    UWG’s MBA Program Paves the Way for Business Success

    There are many moving parts to owning and operating a small business. It is often impossible to avoid some of the pitfalls commonly associated with a new venture, but many aspiring business professionals are gaining the valuable tools they need with a Masters of Business Administration from the Richards College of Business at UWG.

    Michelle Morgan learned skills that she later applied to more than just her professional career. Morgan is the human resources manager for Morgan Oil and currently serves as Carroll County District 4 County Commissioner. Her MBA program studies set her on a path to both personal success and public service to her community.

    “My MBA gave me the courage to suggest ideas and changes within our county,” says Morgan.

    She learned how to gather many small facets of business and put them all together to create progress on a larger scale. Morgan says her final thesis was on scientific management – something she puts into practice in her career every day.

    “Scientific management is about employee training and implementing standardized best practices to improve productivity,” says Morgan. “The concept that work could be studied and the work process improved did not exist before the early 1900s. Whether it is the family business, chairing a fundraiser, or being a county commissioner, the lessons learned during my post-graduate work have prepared me well to lead.”

    Michelle says the MBA program at UWG’s Richards College of Business offers an exceptional learning experience while also molding students into tomorrow’s leaders.

    “Having an MBA improves your chances at being successful because while enrolled in the program you study and learn leadership, business, and management philosophies that can be applied to almost any leadership role,” says Morgan. “I would definitely recommend the UWG MBA program, as it definitely shaped me into the person I am today. Those considering entering the program should have a strong academic record, as an MBA takes your studying skills to a new level!”

    Katlyn Bradshaw is a promising young professional with plans to one day open her own law firm. She is currently assembling the tools to do that with the MBA program after completing her undergraduate degree in just two years at UWG.

    “My dream job is to own my own law firm,” says Bradshaw. “An MBA is helping me reach that goal by learning material about all aspects of a business. I plan to attend law school in the future, work for a major firm or business, and the end-goal for my career would be to own my own firm to consult for major businesses as outside counsel. I aspire to be an attorney, and in order to efficiently achieve this goal, I need an in-depth understanding of all aspects of business.”

    Bradshaw will complete her MBA in 2019 and says the skills she has learned so far will prove to be invaluable when she opens her own law firm, but she is also gaining another precious resource by expanding her professional network.

    “The MBA program has already given me so much knowledge in finance, marketing, and making strategic business decisions,” Bradshaw says. “This program has expanded my knowledge base, but it has also given me connections. There are many other professionals as my classmates, and this provides an outlet for me to find connections in the business world. Many people in business are aware of the necessity of a network, and I have found that classmates are often a great way to begin forming that professional network before entering my career.”

    Click here to find out more about the UWG Richards College of Business MBA program.

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