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Fire Burns Local Business Community: An Owner’s Story

Francisco Salgado

On Wednesday, January 9th, a fire overcame the commercial community at 7193 Douglas Boulevard, affecting several Douglasville businesses. The commercial space is located next to the Walgreens near the corner of Douglas Boulevard and Highway 5.

MDT Repairs, A Douglasville DUI School Discovery Center of West Georgia, VapeworX, FGS Services, and the office of Farmers Insurance agent Loretta Hill are a few of the businesses affected by the fire.

Francisco Salgado, owner and manager of MDT Repairs, shared his first-hand account exclusively with The City Menus.

Francisco received a call shortly after 8:00 Wednesday morning notifying him of the fire. “When I got up there, it was certainly a bit tough to see the damage,” says Francisco.

While the fire primarily affected the first level and spared the second level where MDT is located, the damage was severe enough that Francisco was forced to close MDT’s doors for now.

MDT Repairs will continue to serve the community with mobile repairs on iPhones only. He says, “I am here today to handle your business with the utmost honesty and integrity you could find. I keep learning everyday, I move along with technology to make sure I continue to offer fast, professional and affordable repairs.”

“Although we are directly affected by the loss of business, we are looking forward to make it happen again. Hopefully investigations and insurance will have a positive answer for us and the rest of the seven other businesses,” said Francisco.

Francisco’s career and interest in phone repairs began after an initial job as a local salesman. He shares his story, “Over the years I have worked for a few big companies within the industry. I started off as a salesman, selling screen protectors and phone cases at kiosks inside the mall back when the first iPhone came out. As time went by, I became interested in learning how to do repairs, but later on it became my passion.”

His entrepreneurship began when he sat inside the office collecting data and started putting ideas on paper. “It was not until November of 2018 that I decided to open up my own mobile device repair shop, and that is when my passion came to life and I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to employ my passion” said Francisco.

In the fire’s aftermath, “I remain calm knowing that it could have been worse,” said Francisco.

For more information on MDT Repairs: Click here visit their website or call them at (404) 431-4145.