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Retirement Welcomes Small Business Duo After 25 Years

Jonathan Dockery

Alterations Unlimited duo, Linda Gresham and Jean McClure have worked together for 25 years. Jean jokes, “I’ve been here one week longer.” Now comes the time for retirement as both look to close the alterations shop at 204 Adamson Square in Carrollton on April 26th.

Both Linda and Jean agree, “The Community has been wonderful, very good people. The police are also good to us, they sent us a wonderful plaque. We would like to thank each and everyone, we love our customers and they love us.”

As the years go by so do styles in fashion and people’s tastes. Linda says, “We’ve been through a lot of different styles over the years. Through that we have adapted. Anyone from college students through senior citizens have used our shop over the years.”

Small businesses working together with other small businesses is something Alterations Unlimited has kept to heart. Linda chimes in, “A lot in the past was done for JROTC, Jean does patches for jackets with D’s and T’s. Our first big customer was Carrollton Federal, that got us through, and when that door closed others opened.” Many might not know but, Alterations Unlimited handles all the alterations for the Squire Shop. With prom season upon us, this is trendy service until the middle of April.

Both Linda and Jean invite the community to say ‘goodbye’ and enjoy a retirement celebration during the afternoon of April 6th from 2:00 until 4:00 at the Carrollton Center for the Arts (formerly the Cultural Arts Center). Lite refreshments will be served. The final day for alteration acceptance is April 5th and the final day of business is April 26th. All equipment is for sale; contact Alterations Unlimited at (770) 836-1141 for more information.