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Expect Total Relaxation At Carrollton’s Newest Wellness Center

TerraMar Wellness Center

Relax your mind, rejuvenate your body, rekindle your spirit at Carrollton’s TerraMar Wellness Center. “The desire to provide preventative and restorative health solutions for the community was the catalyst that started TerraMar. Our wellness center is an unrivaled facility for people in West Georgia, where clients can receive support for their body, mind, and spirit,” explains owner Janine Willey.

TerraMar has an inviting, relaxing, warm atmosphere with an emphasis on comfort and support. The wellness center is not a spa, so they do not offer manis, pedis, or hair services. They do offer drug-free pain relief and treatments that complement traditional medicine.

Message Therapy

Janine says, “We chose our therapies carefully to have something to appeal to everyone’s needs. We offer different types of massage therapy that treat muscular disfunction in unique ways. We offer neuromuscular therapy which focuses on the underlying causes of chronic pain involving the muscular and nervous systems.”

TerraMar also offers Ashiatsu (“Ashi” translates to foot and “Atsu” into pressure), a barefoot massage technique in which the therapist delivers deep, broad, consistent pressure while using her feet and body weight on the client. Working with gravity instead of against it, the Ashiatsu therapist is able able to provide an effective therapeutic massage. TerraMar also offers manual lymphatic drainage, Medi-cupping, and reflexology.

Float Pod

Two additional therapies that TerraMar has on site are a hyperbaric chamber (prescription from a medical doctor required), which elevates oxygen levels in your body, and a float pod, sometimes referred to as a deprivation chamber. No one else in the area offers a float pod. The pod holds over 900 pounds of epsom salt dissolved in 200 gallons of water which is kept at body temperature.

Janine tells us, “Studies show float therapy can decrease stress, depression, and anxiety and increase sleep quality. Imagine the feeling of being suspended in space. That’s the sensation you get when floating in the pod. It is like experiencing anti-gravity. Some clients report feeling deeply relaxed and less stressed after their float. Some say they feel energized and able to work out a solution to a problem they had not previously been able to focus on.”

The cost for a 30 minutes float is is $50, which is really just a sampling to see if you like it. A 60 minute float costs $75, which is the most popular timeframe. For our power floaters who really know how to tap into the power of themselves, the cost is $100 for 90 minutes.

Sauna at TerraMar Wellness Center

In addition to the float pod, TerraMar’s full-spectrum infrared sauna operates at a lower temperature than a regular sauna, which makes it more accessible to people who cannot tolerate the extreme heat a steam sauna produces. In the relaxation room, clients can take a nap on an Inframat after a massage, float, or sauna session. TerraMar also has an EMS (electric muscle stimulation) machine for your feet which helps to relieve foot and leg fatigue. Group Pilates classes are also offered and are appropriate for any age and fitness level.

Janine tells us, “Every day, clients walk into TerraMar in pain, and whether they suffer from physical, mental or emotional pain, our therapies, compassion, and attention to detail offer help on many levels.”

Terra Mar focuses on holistic health, which means we treat the whole person. “Holistic healthcare used to be considered unconventional, but it is now accepted as a mainstream treatment for general well-being, as well as for many medical conditions.” Janine explains, “As opposed to alternative health care which is used in place of conventional (Western) medicine, our therapies are complementary, meaning they can, and very often are, used in conjunction with conventional medicine.”

Phase one of TerraMar is the recently completed Wellness Center. Next, in phase two, they will build a Watsu therapy pool. Finally, phase three will feature a walled garden and meditation paths, a yoga platform, and possibly a sweat lodge.

Bringing the community together with an awareness to well-being is certainly what Terra Mar is looking to accomplish. She tells us, “We are fortunate to have a diverse network of amazing friends, acquaintances, and clients in Carrollton, from all walks of life, religions, and points of view that commune in harmony.”

Book your appointment now at www.terramarwellness.com or call 678-664-1441. Terra Mar Wellness Center is located at 305 Prism Drive in Carrollton, Georgia.

Terra Mar has a suite available for rent that includes a private waiting room. Ideally we would like to offer this space to a mental health counselor, but others in the holistic health field are welcome to rent space from us as well. We also have two private rooms available to rent. You can email Trina at [email protected] to request more information, or a tour.