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A Yummy Treat is Coming to Ashley Park

Jonathan Dockery

California based chain specializing in made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream, Creamistry, is coming to Ashley Park in Newnan, Georgia. Its menu boasts more than 60 flavors and toppings. It is slated to open June 1 directly next to Positano Pizza Napoletana. Las year, its first Georgia location opened in Buford. It plans to open several other locations throughout the state and the southeast.

In a recent press release, Creamistry shared how it all works:
“Customers choose a portion size, then an ice cream base (premium, organic, vegan coconut, or non-dairy sorbet), one of 30 plus flavors, and then toppings from a list of 35 plus options that include candy, cookies and cereal, fruits, and sauces. The ice cream is made right before the customer with a lot of billowing smoke thanks to the flash-freezing process. When the liquid nitrogen (-321° F) hits the base it freezes so fast that ice crystals don’t have a chance to develop, resulting in a decadently rich and luxuriously creamy ice cream with virtually no overrun.”
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