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Local Investors Designing A Family Entertainment Center for Carrollton

Looking towards the west of the Lake Carroll Overlay District, Bankhead Hwy portion between Cedar Street and Thomas Newell Way. Special thanks to Eileen at Synovus for allowing us this view.

A group of local investors with over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry have completed a market study and are now actively engaged with an architect to begin the design of a family entertainment center to be located in Carrollton. According to a senior real estate president with a local Carrollton firm, “The group has secured property on Bankhead Highway with the goal of this project being an anchor in the Lake Carroll Village district. It will be designed to conform to the new streetscape standards the city has enacted to beautify the district.”

At this time, the City of Carrollton isn’t aware of the pending project per responses from city officials when asked about the possible Family Entertainment Center. Hayley Beaver, city planner states, “We have been cleaning up some overlapping addressing in the First Tuesday Mall section of Bankhead.”

First Tuesday Mall Photo By Jonathan Dockery

On September 12th, 2016 the Mayor and City Council created the “Carrollton Corridor Development and Beautification Committee”, also known as (“CCDBC”). According to an updated document from May 2018, “The purpose of the CCDBC is to promote and encourage the development, redevelopment, and beautification of the major corridors leading into the city of Carrollton, including but not limited to investigating and studying existing conditions, considering and evaluating alternatives, and making recommendations to the Mayor and city council as to further action.” It goes on to provide resourceful information regarding several corridors being studied and evaluated which include, Bankhead Highway, Maple Street, Alabama Street, and North Park Street & South Park Street. On March 5th, 2018, the Lake Carroll Village Overlay was adopted which will focus on the Bankhead Highway corridor.

With the hope of a new family entertainment center in the near future this area is sure to see more exciting growth. The Family Entertainment Center also known as “FEC” will house 28 lanes of bowling including upscale lounge lanes, laser tag, arcade and redemption games along with a full-service restaurant and bar. Meeting space for corporate outings and parties will also be available.

In closing, the senior real estate executive tells us, “Site design has begun and full architectural programming is ongoing, an expected opening date will be determined in the next couple of months.”

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