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New Gas Station Under Construction on Greenville Street

Photo by Jonathan Dockery

The new strip mall under construction at 226 Greenville Street in Newnan just added its first nationally branded tenant. Shell gas branding went up just in the last couple of days, and pumps are starting to go into the ground. One of the property developers, Karim Kaba says, “Shell is scheduled to open at the end of August, and the rest of the center should be through soon.”

Shell is just one of the many gas stations now across America offering payment with a mobile app. For example, customers can pay in the car using the app along with collecting fuel discounts through the fuel rewards program.

In a previous article, Kaba had shared that the strip mall will feature eight or nine different spaces for tenants and two or three spaces for restaurants. “There’s currently a quick-serve Mexican restaurant looking at one of the locations, and there could also be a franchise pizza place in another of the restaurant spaces,” said Kaba. “There’s also a space that would accommodate a tire change and auto shop.”

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